50th Anniversaries

ImageWhen I logged on to the internet this morning, two very different 50th anniversaries were announced.

Strangely enough, the first to appear on the internet search engine was that of Dr. Who.

I was fifteen when he first made his appearance on British television and now fifty years later, he is still in the public eye and popular. A special film called ‘The Day of the Doctor’ has been made to celebrate the occasion and will be shown worldwide. He has become a cult figure much as ‘The Prisoner.’

President_Kennedy_and_Vice_President_Johnson_prior_to_ceremonyThe second anniversary that is being marked is that of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Who doesn’t remember the moment when they heard the news? Practically everyone can say where they were when the news hit them, because it did impact everyone in some way.

I was in the school library and heard the news via the school loud speakers. My friend sitting across from me burst into tears. I did not cry but was nonetheless shocked that a person as important as the President of the United States could be vulnerable in the modern age.

ImageThe assassinations of Lincoln and McKinley in 1864 and 1901, respectively, were in the old days before the Secret Service was responsible for the President’s security. Both men liked being in contact with the public, so made themselves vulnerable.

As a result of McKinley’s death, it became the Secret Service’s job to protect the number one man.

By the 60’s, it didn’t seem possible that an iconic figurehead such as Kennedy could be killed.

Ha! Little could we imagine that he was to be the first of a spate of assassinations (or attempts) of leaders around the world.

Today, I am bemused by the fact that a fictional character’s 50th anniversary would take precedence over that of an American President; a man who was larger than life in most of what he did.

Perhaps it can be attributed to the fact that Kennedy’s anniversary is a death, while Dr. Who’s is a birth? It would be interesting to know if either man will be remembered for their 100th anniversary…

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