To Bed or Not to Bed?

IKEAWhat good is a three-legged chair?
How about a double bed with only a single slatted bed base?

That is what IKEA did for me. A first-time buy in their shop saw me left with a delivery of a bed that is of no use.

Phones calls did not alter the fact, only leaving me with two alternatives : order the missing part on line and wait ten days for delivery or return to the shop (a 45 minute drive) and buy the missing piece that the vendor failed to include when toting up the various items. A matter of putting 2 instead of 1.
My on-line foray into this particular shop had forewarned me but I didn’t heed the poor ratings given by other buyers.
Here I sit trying to organise my thoughts, of which one is, never buy from IKEA again.
But wait! I have to if I want to sleep in the IKEA bed…

Held over a Scandinavian barrel or is that bed?

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