The Passive Majority

Hamlet with Yorick's skull

Hamlet with Yorick’s skull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout my life, I have encountered many passive people who have preferred to remain unobtrusive, who have faded into the background when confronted with controversial subjects.
They are those who will not commit to any radical thought whether it be for or against an idea.

I read or heard somewhere that the human race is, in fact, descended from cowards. The brave have always gone off to fight injustices or battles to protect their kin and quite often have perished in their attempts. Which, of course, leaves the pathway clear for those cowards left behind to step into the hero’s shoes and breed in his place.
This might explain why, I think, that so many of the general public are cowards when it comes to any type of action. A sad thought if it is true.

Admittedly, there is security in numbers. For many of these people, the scariest thing is to show any individuality, because then they stand out and away from the masses and become vulnerable.
At the end of the day, at the end of a life, what will they have to show for their brief existence on earth? Not much.
The extent of any significant emotion would only have been connected with personal gains or losses.
Big deal!

Going through life wearing blinders will give you tunnel vision for both the good and the bad. Obviously, you will not have to do anything about helping the homeless, fighting for animal rights, voicing an opinion when it comes to pollution, genetically modified foods or corrupt politicians. It amounts to a life wasted because you will not reap the benefits derived from doing good; the pure satisfaction of knowing you have tried to make a difference along with the few who have persevered and won causes.

The answer to that ‘time immemorial’ question  –  ‘Why am I here?’ or ‘What is my reason for being?’ might simply be to act, to make a difference.

Of course, people afraid to take a stand for what they believe in can always use the excuse that cowardice is in their genes…

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