Testing – One, two, three…



So what determines if a blog is worth visiting? I have been writing regularly for over two weeks and the statistics have shown the numbers of visitors each day were reasonably good. The number peaked at 62 for the day of my blog entitled ‘Voyeurism’ and the following two days averaged 45 hits.

Yesterday, out of curiosity, I didn’t post anything…

Here I would like to thank those four people who did look at my site without prompting and apologise for their wasted trip.

Blogging requires a great deal of effort for what may seem to be casual chat. For me it has been a way to vent about various peeves, always with the idea of stirring up some reaction from readers.

Today, I’m wondering if there is any point in continuing in the same vein?
Apparently visits are from people who have been prompted by my Tweets, StumblesUpon, Googles etc. and who have only cast a superficial eye on my post before moving on to an indeterminate number of other blogs.

It was an interesting exercise. Not quite sure what it proved except that perhaps ‘voyeurism’ in closely linked to ‘blog.’ Perhaps I need to find other controversial subjects to draw the crowds, but until I have some form of interaction with readers, I’m doing nothing more than whining.

I shall be checking the numbers on this post too and then trying to apply some sense to the number of visits or the lack of them. This may be my swan song – until something else peeves me.


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