Voyeur : 1) a person who obtains sexual gratification by looking at other people’s sexual organs, sexual acts etc.
2) a prying observer who gets excited from witnessing other people’s suffering or distress.
Excited : 1) happy and emotionally aroused 2) worried or agitated.
Crime : 1) a violation of the law 2) a grave offense especially against morality.

Where does one draw the line between voyeurism and curiosity? Empathy loses its hold once we begin discussing a tragedy. We don’t need to relate a misfortune to empathise.
With the disasters which come to light most days, we are constantly being presented with the misfortunes of others. Isn’t that what sells newspapers or gets one watching the news?

Whether it be the molesting of children, the massacre of dozens or simply a train going off its rails, we are given the information in a form of sensationalism.
What good (if any) does it do to discuss the awful aspect of any disaster? As far as I can see, very little.
We may again impress upon our children the need to avoid strangers when often the molester is someone the child knows.
We may talk about the need to tighten laws on gun ownership or the sale of arms to foreign countries, but it is often our own governments who have a vetted say in arms distribution for political or monetary reasons.

We are voyeurs if we talk about any crime without doing something about it.

What I consider a crime, and what I advocate against on a regular basis is the mistreatment of animals. I demonstrate and donate money as often as possible and as for the matter of voyeurism, I fervently avoid looking at images of mistreated animals.

And when it comes to the ‘latest breaking news’ sensational and/or tawdry, you will not hear me linger on the subject because it is a form of voyeurism.

And for you?

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