Utopia somewhere else…


As I logged on this morning, one of my search engines had the avatar entitled ‘World Peace Day.’ A graphically pleasing image at first sight until perhaps analysing the details.

How is it possible to hope for world peace when the arms market (legitimate or not) generates so much money? I woke up to the news of twelve or thirteen people being shot in a playing area in Chicago, USA. One was a three year old child. Exceptionally, no one has died yet, although the three-year-old is in a critical state.

When one begins to count all the reasons that there will never be world peace, it makes me wonder how anyone can even pretend that such a thing is possible in this particular world.

Money and religious beliefs are the first incentives, in my opinion, to do away with anyone who gets in the way. Fine tuning those incentives can bring them down to the basic need for power and, ultimately, control which does cover a lot of ground on even the lowest levels.

Whether governments manage their home policies and those abroad, or scientists manage our health and inadvertent destruction with genetically modified foods and genetic manipulations, we are never going to be at peace.
If we’re not fighting foreigners, we’re fighting amongst ourselves.

It was a valiant attempt to declare ‘World Peace Day’ but I honestly believe that it is only ever going to happen in a Sci-fi story. But then, I’m an author who is able to solve any problem in all of my stories by eliminating the bad guys.

Needless to say, bad guys are always in the eyes of the beholder…

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