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Official seal of Brooklyn

Official seal of Brooklyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ImageJeffra Hays is an enigma unto herself! She certainly is to me.
As so many wondrous things happen by chance, so it was that Jeffra and I stumbled upon each other in that infinite dimension that is the internet.

Of course, it was her unique style of writing that captured my interest in the first place but that interest has been maintained by the fascinating, dare I say eccentric, personality which highlights her correspondences.

All I think I really know about her is that she lives with a husband in Brooklyn, NY,  has a son and a young grandchild and likes live chickens. If that rings a bell with anyone, please contact me immediately and give me the low-down on her. I don’t want to die ignorant!

So, without more delay, I pass you over to Jeffra Hays…


Camera lie and bio shy,
Jeffra Hays asks, Why oh why?
To still the tumult in her mind,
To quell the beasties so inclined
To ravage what remains of sane.

But they remain so start again.
Her beastly bosses said, You’re fired!
What to do? Why, she retired
To slaughter nasty beasts instead,
To write the chaos in her head.

To whom? For what? Reward? Disdain?
Why, Both, dear beasts, so start again.

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