Clapham Set or Sect?

A lot goes on in the street where I live.

It is only a residential street in southwest London but it is a busy thoroughfare for traffic and children on their way to school. It is architecturally Victorian today but there is the occasional grand Georgian house remaining to attest to an earlier expansion from central London.


Victorian Terraced Houses, SW London, UK

Clapham, London, UK

Georgian House overlooking Clapham Common, London UK

I recently discovered that one of the great men in history, whom I admire and have included in my writings, lived in a house which was located on a site behind what is now the corner of this street. It has thrilled me to think I have inadvertently come this close to the man.

William Wilberforce (1759 – 1833) devoted his life to the abolition of the slave trade and slavery. Thomas Clarkson, another abolitionist, certainly influenced Wilberforce, although

English: William Wilberforce

English: William Wilberforce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wilberforce is the name that people remember, perhaps because of all his extensive works in many social domains.

In spite of poor health all his life, Wilberforce never failed in his efforts to promote decent lives for all, including among many endeavours ‘The Society for the Suppression of Vice‘ and the ‘Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals‘ (S.P.C.A).

I like to think that there are a number of things connecting me to the great man.

Living where I do at the moment, and only a five minute walk away from the site once holding his house, I can also boast to being part of the Clapham Set, although Wilberforce was associated with the Clapham Sect.

And finally, as an animal rights activist, I feel that somehow I may have touched the spirit of the man, especially as he lived so near…

William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce
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