Sun, sea and earthquakes – Britain?

Bill Rayburn, a native Californian bred to sun, sea and earthquakes, suddenly deposited himself in rainy, dismal London, England. As an author belonging to Top Writers Block, he can be forgiven for losing his wherewithal for writing in such a diametrically opposed environment.

Admittedly, the sea is never very far from wherever you are in England but the sun always leaves itself to be desired. As for earthquakes… frequently throughout Britain but never on a magnitude to which Californians have become accustomed. The last one which was centred on London dates back to March 1750.

So, the said Californian has had to adapt to a completely new environment, complicated by driving on the other side of the road and a seemingly foreign language (various accents don’t help in understanding colloquialisms). Has the adjustment affected his writing? Au contraire, it has been a source of daily inspiration, whether it concerns pub life, butchers, building fervour or getting lost amongst the streets of identical rows of Victorian terraced houses.
His fiction has now taken on a definite brogue.

A prolific, analytic writer, you can find his works on several reputable sites – his before and after Britain.

And in his own words…



 I am currently defined, as a writer, by my collection of fiction short stories. Some are very good, while others are strong but flawed, and a few are so steeped in sentimentality that they are not for the squeamish. In addition, there is a volume of non-fiction essays, opinion pieces and rants; diatribes, bitch-fests and brain spasms, of varying lengths.
“The Dainty” is a novella set in 1969 Detroit, Michigan: one day in an Irish Pub, and that day is Christmas Eve. The dysfunctional denizens of The Dainty plow through a fierce snowstorm, cocktails, and their personal baggage as Christmas Eve plays out before them.

Bill Rayburn

« The Dainty »

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