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As a romance writer, I was curious to know if men write romance. So, I asked the question on a forum hosted by a large retailer of ebooks. I had a surprising number of men who admitted to writing love stories, although some said they used a pen name. Don was one of those who freely admitted he wrote (using his own name) about love.  I sampled and liked what he wrote which prompted me to see what else he had in his port-folio.

That was when I noticed his autobiography about his service in Vietnam.

Being of a similar age to Don and having been well aware of the war in Vietnam, this story affected me perhaps more than someone younger. I read it in one day…
A young man who had a promising future before entering the war, returns from Vietnam a changed person. He will spend the next 42 years of his life as a misfit.
His memoirs are well documented so that one is drawn into the hopelessness resulting from a war fought by so many young, impressionable people. Don has struggled on when so many others have fallen by the wayside for one reason or another. I am quite humbled by his will to survive when up against so much adversity and ignorance.

I would highly recommend his ‘The Boy Died in Vietnam’ for an insight into war and the long-term effects. 
Don is a member of Top Writers Block and I am happy to count him among my friends.



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