Rejection may be what it takes…?

Who would have thought that a hodgepodge of writers from around the world would come together to form Top Writers Block (TWB)? They are all independent authors who have ignored the classical publishing houses to become indie writers and publishers and very good ones at that! All have more or less followed the same pattern that I have followed…

When I began writing seriously four years ago, I expected my first rejection slip. How many tales are there about known authors today having been rejected time and again before a publisher, in a moment of weakness, gave them a chance?
My first printed rejection slip laid out a number of expectations/suggestions that I thought were aimed at my novel, but when the second rejection slip was word for word the same for something completely different, I realised I wasn’t going to get anywhere taking the publishing house channel. I had twice lost four months waiting, giving them the exclusive right to my novel while they supposedly read it. They had stipulated that it shouldn’t go to another house in the meantime. At the end of the day, there was nothing whatsoever to indicate that they had read it. No personal comment.

Because of similar stories, there are many, many writers who have now gone independent. If they can’t do it themselves, they pay someone to edit their work and design their book cover, but they are able to make a living without any help from the big name publishers. They have become savvy when it comes to promoting their own works, which a publishing house would have expected from them anyway.
And today, it is possible to achieve a paperback version of one’s novel without necessarily paying a penny. There are sites which print on demand for customers who prefer the feel of a book in their hand. If you want a copy or copies of your own work, you will be expected to pay an author’s reduced price but with regular postage added on.

With the introduction of various e-book readers, there has been a notable decline in the printed books. I can’t help thinking it serves the publishing houses right for their off-handed treatment of rising writers. The marketplace has a tremendous selection of e-books all cheaper than their printed version – and no postage involved.

The TWB is a fine selection of writers who also enjoy contributing to collections written for charity. In this case, Sea Shepherd, France has benefited from proceeds from their collections.

In my next blog, I will tell you about one of those special writers from TWB.

Do you feel you have the soul of a writer? Do you need someone to get you on your way? Let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction. We writers should stick together, but then that’s what TWB is about – solidarity.


A Regency time travel story


‘Tangling with Tania’ tells what Owen gets when he messes with Tania – an amusing tale of revenge and where it leads.

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