In Deep Waters

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is in deep water in more ways than one. Its Captain, Paul WatsonEnglish: Portrait of Paul Watson, Captain of S... is being held by the German government, pending examination for extradition to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica accuses Paul Watson of violating their maritime rights during the filming of a documentary film about the illegal practice of cutting off shark fins. He is alleged to have used a ship to intimidate another vessel and put its crew at risk in 2002.

This is about more than interfering with an illegal Costa Rican fishing boat. It is the long-term impact that Captain Watson has had on the very lucrative ‘shark fin’ business run by the Taiwan mafia. Japan has not hesitated in putting pressure on Germany to follow through with the extradition, because Captain Watson is also an enormous ‘thorn in the side’ for Japanese whaling, dolphin, tuna etc. enterprises. It is an opportunity for them to be rid of him.

Until now, various threats, including a price on his head, has not interfered with Paul Watson’s devotion to protecting our seas and oceans. He has stated that whatever happens to him, the combat will continue. He is convinced, however, that should he be extradited to Costa Rica, it will be a death sentence without a fair trial. The Taiwan mafia have ways of getting to him in prison.

It all comes down to money, greed! All the slaughtering of sea creatures, as for land creatures (such as elephants for their tusks, rhinoceros for their horns others for their furs) is big business. But the day that the oceans are over-fished, the whales and dolphins etc. are extinct, will also be the day that we are doomed beyond redemption. Dead oceans become the cancer which will end it all.

‘For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost’! Captain Paul Watson is that nail. Take the time to write to those in Germany who hold his destiny in their hands. Your small contribution to saving Paul Watson is perhaps only a ripple in the water but it will have a long-reaching effect. Thank you.

Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, German pol...

Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger
Federal Minister of Justice
Deutscher Bundestag
Platz der Republik 1
11011 Berlin

Telephone 030 – 227 751 62
Fax 030 – 227 764 02

Federal Ministry of Justice
Mohrenstrasse 37
10117 Berlin

Telephone: +49 (030) 18 580-0
Telefax: +49 (030) 18 580-9525

English: Guido Westerwelle at a meeting with C...

Dr. Guido WesterwelleMinister of Foreign Affairs
Platz der Republik 1
11011 Berlin

Tel.: 030 / 22771636
Fax: 030 / 22776562

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