THE ULTIMATE IN CO-OPERATION! 5 ‘Indie Authors’ are alternately working on a novella that has it all – suspense & comedy in a twisted tale! suzybazaar ebooks also offers FREE books/audio books!

So you think that writing novels is a throat-cutting business between authors? Each author only thinks it is about ‘Me, me, me’?
Sorry, there you are wrong. When it comes to the group of Indie Authors who have come together on the suzybazaar ebooks website, it couldn’t be more right!

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Do you enjoy thrillers, mysteries, comedies, poetry, romances, sci-fi or paranormal? Perhaps the down-to-earth description of life’s daily struggle appeals to you? You like catching a glimpse of other people’s lives? You will be well served by this co-operative of writers who have the knack in all those genres.
Their passion for writing and a ‘je ne sais quoi’ , an unknown element, has united them mysteriously. They are spread around the world, have never met and yet internet has brought them together effortlessly. They have gone one step further by combining their talents into one work. They have taken on the joint writing of a novella. As the chapters unfold telling Thorndyke’s story, each writer has added his own style of writing.

Any proceeds collected from the sale of the story will be going to the worthy charity, Sea Shepherd. Paul Watson has devoted his life to the protection of sea animals and the writers hope to contribute to his cause.

The story begins…

‘Sweat beaded on Thorndyke’s upper lip. His breathing was controlled and shallow, in an attempt to avoid detection. The big bass drum of his heart felt as if it would burst from his chest. Being found was inevitable. Death was inevitable. He was merely prolonging the agony. Agony. Deep down, it wasn’t death that really scared him. It was how he would die. These people meant business. To these people, their “clients” were people to keep in line, and those that stepped beyond that line were to be made an example of.’

Be sure to follow the story’s progress on suzybazaar ebooks website. Another press release will announce its publication.
Gary Weston, Anna Scott Graham, Jeffra Hays, Barnaby Wilde and Suzy Stewart Dubot are the enthusiastic authors.

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