So – I’m supposed to pat myself on the back and you are to be witness…

I received yet another book booster pep-talk this morning. This time it is concerning two ebooks that I have entered into a competition and that I should in some obscure way promote before the competition is over.


I’m not sure I want to draw attention to the fact that they may be losers! In fact, what are the chances that both will win? I think I’ll wait a while until they are at least nominated as finalists. Then I’ll have something to crow about.

On second thoughts, anyone that is interested in casting an eye on the two books will find them on various eBook sites. The competition site is called ‘Global eBook Awards’ but they are also available for sampling here :                                                                                                        Hope in Winter


Gaining Grace

There. I’ve done what I didn’t want to do. Now, they can’t say I didn’t try, albeit half-heartedly…

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2 commentaires pour So – I’m supposed to pat myself on the back and you are to be witness…

  1. Looking back, one of the best things I ever did for my writing was entering that Amazon contest three years ago. Not only for the helpful feedback and support, but that it led to a creative outburst which only tapered off recently. Will be wishing very good thoughts for you; as I’ve read The Viscount’s Midsummer’s Mistress, I’m especially hoping for good things for that tale!

  2. suzydubot dit :

    I admit I’m entering with the hope of encouragement from judges. I would have entered the Amazon book contest (ABNA) but for one thing. They accept nearly everyone except French & Quebecois residents! Beyond me why they would accept Chinese, Romanians or Indians (and a slather of other non-English speaking countries) but not the French!
    Thank you so much for your positive thoughts. Every little bit helps.

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