The Hermetic World of a Writer

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I suppose it was my daughter’s patient face that finally let the penny drop. You have to be an author yourself to understand how involved and enthusiastic one can become with a story that’s in progress – or even finished!

For readers, it is only entertainment or an excuse to reflect on ideas put forth with no real substance. Written works aren’t tangible, mere ideas or images, but try telling that to the author who has been living and breathing with his people, carried along he knows not where, until the end! And then again, is there really an end?

I have had the great good fortune of being in contact with other authors. With the magic of the internet, I can discuss writing and the drift it’s taking with someone on the other side of the world in minutes, which leaves me wondering about writing a hundred or more years ago. How hermetic the literary world must have been before the internet! So many miles to travel to meet a fellow-writer or days to wait before letters arrived.

Charles Dickens died at 58 from what seems to me to be exhaustion from his physical efforts to meet other authors and to promote his works. He actually escaped death in a train crash from one such journey.

So today, it would seem that we are not so isolated in that hermetic literary experience. We have access to a whole world of fellow-writers who understand the emotion involved in each work, compensation for the readers who are only there for the final product – the entertainment…

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2 commentaires pour The Hermetic World of a Writer

  1. Adelaye dit :

    Suzy, I want to thank you for the smashwords rating you provided this week. (THe Miracle and The Other Sister) I had to remove them from publishing this morning and opened up a new link within smashwords. So I had to re-publish them. I chalk this one up to a technology learning curve. Since I had to re-publish them, I put them into 1 book in a new easy read format. Thanks, for the sugestion. I also ned to thank you for the review on, The Nosy Neighbor. Much appreciated. Cheers, Adealaye.

    • suzydubot dit :

      Hi Adelaye,

      I’m afraid I’ve lost you! I’ll be happy to repeat my reviews if you let me know where you are. I’m curious to know why you came off and are going back in differently? It is possible to edit without pulling out.

      Smashword is a great outlet and my life has changed direction thanks to being able to publish independently. I have gone from reading my stories to my mother (partially sighted), giving them to my girls and friends to read to being read and even bought (nothing world shattering) around the world!

      You’ll know what I mean, if you don’t already, because you have a literary sense and expression. People will read your works.
      As I enjoyed your easy way of writing, I will be keeping an eye out for other works you produce (once I find you again!).

      Keep going. Don’t let anyone discourage you!


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